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FRIDAY at High Dive: We're fans of King Porter Stomp from Brighton, UK. They are one of the Top 5 bands we wanted to book at CCF from the United Kingdom.

Their lead singer Jonezy, is in the USA right now working with our friends, The Staxx Brothers, playing shows and recording an outstanding Charitable EP that is bringing together artists from England and the Northwest on one recording, for some really good causes.

There are so many things we often take for granted here in the Northwest that are problems around the globe and increasingly in our own backyard, like clean water.

This Friday you have the chance to meet Jonezy in Fremont, and talk to him about his mission, and see him up on stage spreading his message through his stuning conscious raps. He's also one of our Top 5 British MC's of all time.

Check out this link about his mission and how he is helping folks out globally, by bringing together local music scenes and ocean apart.

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We are one - E.P To help raise funds for Charity Projects in Palestine, Uk and USA

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Friday 10-28 at High Dive Fremont
The Staxx Brothers "Hard Ass Soul"
King Porter Stomp from the U.K.
Northern Shakedown Alt Rock+ HipHop
The Rush Project, sirmixalot's crew
Do it!
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(Fri Oct 28) Did you know that Dr. Fink played on The Staxx Brothers new album, HOT CHOCOLATE? The Doctor told lead singer Davin Michael Stedman after performing with the band, that their whole funk...

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